COI Toolkit

Recommendations, tools, and resources for the conduct and management of financial relationships between academia and industry in biomedical research




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This compendium of stakeholder-specific content was created to implement our guiding principles and recommendations regarding financial relationships between academia and industry in biomedical research. In the research environment, Federal regulations or policies alone will not serve to promote integrity in research. Voluntary approaches aimed at integrating practices into primary investigator activities - research, publication, and training - will enhance the regulatory framework. The tools provided can aid investigators and others involved in the conduct and management of academic-industry relationships in addressing key issues.

Use and Customization

Depending on your needs, you can use the toolkit in various ways by incorporating appropriate elements into your own activities. Some of these are modifiable. These resources can be used for education purposes (e.g. self-instruction, education of laboratory members) and in practice (e.g., sample disclosure statements). They may be used alone or incorporated into the broader topic of research ethics. Organizations may consider incorporating elements into policies and practices. They may be copied and distributed as you wish.

Stakeholder-Specific Tools

Recommendations, tools, and resources developed specifically for investigators, institutions, editors, societies, and industry.

Investigators are at the heart of academic-industry relationships. As a group, they determine the effectiveness of policies.
Federal regulations give institutions the authority to develop and enforce policies for investigators.
Editors establish policies regarding disclosure and publication of authors' financial relationships.
Scientific and professional societies play a critical role in promoting ethics for their members.
Industry partners should also ensure that collaborating investigators are in compliance.