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Speaker Resources

Invited speakers and session chairs should register using the special link provided in the official invitation email sent by FASEB.  

Registration Process

All invited speakers and session chairs should register, pay and submit an abstract for the conference at least two months prior to the conference. Timely registration reserves a place on the program agenda, secures housing and meals, and provides access to the conference. An abstract submission is required at the time of registration. Session chairs who are not presenting, are not required to provide an abstract during the registration process.

Speaker Requirements

Please refer to the full guidelines in the FASEB Science Research Conferences Organizer Fundraising & Reimbursement Guide provided on the FASEB Dropbox. Below are some important highlights of the policy:

  • All speakers are required to register and pay for the conference at least two months prior to the start of the conference. Organizers cannot waive the speaker registration fee. Any speaker registrations received after the deadline will not be guaranteed single occupancy hotel accommodations at the conference venue. There is no onsite registration option.
  • Conference fees cannot be reduced or waived for only attending part of the conference. Air and ground travel arrangements are the responsibility of the speaker/chairperson.
  • Invited speakers are required to submit an abstract of their presentation during registration.
  • Minimum stay is at least three full days and three full nights in order to be reimbursed for any conference-related expenses. Invited speakers and session chairs must register and check in with the onsite conference staff to verify attendance.
  • Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the speaker.
  • Please be aware of the time allotted to each speaker and adjust presentations accordingly.

Presentation Requirements

The following audio visual equipment will be provided by FASEB:

  • One (1) speaker laptop
  • One (1) lectern
  • One (1) wireless lavalier microphone
  • One (1) wired lectern microphone
  • One (1) LCD projector
  • One (1) screen
  • One (1) laser pointer and/or remote mouse
  • One (1) wired aisle microphone
  • One switcher panel (4 outputs)
  • Wireless internet in the General Session room

Speakers are asked to either bring their own laptop or to load their presentation onto the shared laptop. FASEB does not provide laptops. For speakers using a MAC computer, please bring the appropriate adapters necessary to connect the laptop with the projector. Speakers should arrive at the meeting room 30 minutes prior to the session to allow time to set up and test the computer and projector.

PPT Slide Template for Conference Presentations

FASEB SRC provides all speakers and organizers with a Powerpoint slide template for their conference presentations. It is strongly encouraged for all speakers to use these standardized slides, or versions of the slides, to provide a polished presentation and consistent formatting among all FASEB conferences.