BioArt:  Scientific Image & Video Competition


Each day, scientific investigators produce thousands of images and videos as a part of their research – from the collection of image-based data, to the visualization of results and the illustration of complex findings. However, only a few are ever seen outside of the laboratory. Through the BioArt competition, FASEB aims to share the beauty and excitement of biological research with the public. 

FASEB encourages the submission of captivating, high-resolution images and videos representing cutting edge, 21st century biomedical and life science research. These laboratory-based images must be original photographs, illustrations, data visualizations, or videos from current or former US federally funded investigators, contractors, or trainees and/or members of FASEB constituent societies.

FASEB will select winning images across two image categories: “Fluorescence and Electron Microscopy” and “All Other Life Science Images.” There will also be two video winners. 

Please share the BioArt flyer with your colleagues and friends, and sign up to receive future contest notifications.

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