Seventh Annual BioArt Competition Now Open

July 23, 2018

The seventh annual BioArt competition, FASEB's campaign to unleash the art of science, is accepting entries through August 30, 2018. Through the competition, FASEB aims to showcase the biomedical community's stunning visuals, thus captivating public attention and fostering greater interest in research.

FASEB strongly encourages researchers at every level, from students to expert investigators, to submit captivating, high-resolution images and videos produced as part of their cutting-edge life science research. Submissions are accepted across four categories, including: fluorescence or electron microscopy; three-dimensional (3D) printing; video; and all other life science images.

Entries can include original photographs, illustrations, data visualizations, or videos created as a part of research supported by U.S. federal funding or conducted by members of a FASEB society.  For more information about competition eligibility, what makes a winning BioArt submission, and to submit an entry, please visit FASEB's BioArt webage.

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