FASEB Comments on AAALAC International’s Proposed Change to Definition of Laboratory Animal

February 01, 2018

FASEB submitted comments to AAALAC International regarding a proposed change to their Definition of “Laboratory Animal” position statement. The two major changes in the position statement include the removal of the word “Laboratory” from the phrase “Laboratory Animal” and the inclusion of the cephalopods, a class of mollusks.

In our letter, FASEB suggests that AAALAC International remove the position statement altogether because, given that laboratory animals are already clearly defined in AAALAC International’s Rules of Accreditation, it was unnecessary. However, if AAALAC International opts to proceed with an amended position statement, FASEB recommends the deletion of the specific mention of cephalopods. In addition, FASEB does not oppose the change from “Laboratory Animals” to “Animal” in the new definition due to AAALAC International’s expanding accreditation program.

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