FASEB Joins Scholarly Publishers to Launch the Scientific Society Publisher Alliance (SSPA)

November 07, 2017

On November 6, FASEB, along with five of its member societies, joined a group of prestigious not-for-profit scientific membership societies to launch the Scientific Society Publisher Alliance (SSPA). This initiative aims to build awareness and support for publication of scientific research by scientist-run scientific societies.

FASEB societies identified as SSPA found members include:

The SSPA seeks to emphasize the value of publishing vital scientific research in scholarly journals managed by working scientists, and edited and peer reviewed in a fair and supportive manner by working scientists. Publishing in a society journal supports researchers and the scientific community, through reinvestment of revenues in the scientific community, in science advocacy, and in the careers of scientists at all stages, as part of the not-for-profit society mission.

Learn more about SSPA.

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