NSF Form Bolsters Merit Review, FASEB Says

December 02, 2015
Research classification information collected during grant submission to the National Science Foundation (NSF) helps maintain stringent merit review and data-driven oversight of the agency’s research portfolio, said the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB). In a letter dated December 1 , FASEB supported NSF’s plan to use of the Biological Sciences Proposal Classification Form for an additional three-year period.

For an estimated total burden of five minutes per research proposal, the form enables NSF staff to identify appropriate subject matter experts as reviewers and provides information that allows NSF to evaluate the submission and funding rates for specific areas of research and adjust the research portfolio to address emerging areas of research and infrastructure needs, FASEB said.

To submit comments on NSF’s plan to renew use of the classification form, see details online.    

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