Marquell Johnson, PhD

Marquell Johnson PhD 

Marquell Johnson, PhD
Faculty Mentor since 2011

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Marquell Johnson currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Dr. Johnson is beginning his fifth year with the university, and he has shown great promise in the area of mentoring students and faculty. He has a strong background in the area of Adapted Physical Activity, and he has even begun a children’s physical activity program for individuals with disabilities at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. 


Dr. Johnson possess outstanding leadership attributes including, being named the Director of UWEC’s Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy program in his second year, the Director of PRIDE program (community-based physical activity and health promotion program for adults and children with disabilities), advisor for the SHAPE Club (student led organization). Currently, Dr. Johnson advises and mentors all of UWEC’s physical education and sport pedagogy students (approximately 75 students), and he provides a wealth of knowledge related to career choices for these students. Dr. Johnson has also gained experience in mentoring students as a summer orientation coordinator/adviser. His ability to work closely with undergraduate students in faculty supervised student collaborative research projects has been outstanding.
Part of his role as an academic advisor is to mentor the undergraduate majors into becoming well – prepared professionals. He has and continues to seek out diverse learning experiences for undergraduate students in the community of Eau Claire and at the university. He also provides financial support to select students to travel to state and regional conferences through funds generated from the various community outreach programs that he’s involved in. He has served as a Freshmen Orientation Advisor for all incoming freshmen majoring in Kinesiology and has shared personal stories of adversity with incoming students that are either first generation, low socioeconomic status, and/or of color to illustrate the possibilities and benefits of higher education. Also as a faculty, he has participated in and completed four faculty and student collaborative research projects with a total of 18 undergraduate students. One of the projects was recently presented at the national American College of Sports Medicine conference and another project received second place in its division at UW-Eau Claire’s Student Research day. The latter project is currently in submission for a peer – reviewed journal.
During his time as a doctoral student, Marquell had the opportunity to work with many graduate students (Master’s level) on theses, teaching capstones, and professional portfolios. He also collaborated with other doctoral students to design studies, collect data, and assist with manuscript preparation. The interactions with the graduate students were very stimulating and provided him with perspective on how to move forward professionally.
Mentor's Motivational Message

“Reflecting back on my undergraduate years, there was a void of not knowing and being aware of faculty of color in my field. I was fortunate enough to have mentors that provided me opportunities to attend and present at regional/national conferences that increased my awareness of faculty of color in the field. I believe this opportunity to serve as a FASEB MARC Mentor will not only allow me to continue to have a positive impact on future professionals but also allow me to pay it forward in an effort to increase the involvement of minorities in this field.” [Marquell Johnson, PhD]


Contact Information
Affiliation:  Assistant Professor
Institution/Address:  Kinesiology Department
 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
 105 Garfield Avenue; PO Box 4004
 Eau Claire, WI 54702
Phone:  715.836.3948
Fax:  715.836.4074
Email:  johnmarq@uwec.edu
FASEB Society Member:  ACSM
Scientific Discipline:  Physical activity and health promotion for populations with disabilities; Technology use in physical activity assessment
ABRCMS 2011 Mentor:  No; Scheduling Conflict
Former MARC, MBRS, RISE:  No

Breaking the Ice - Marquell's "Q&A"
 What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?  
 To write a book.
 Growing up, what were your favorite toys to play with as a child?G.I. Joes and hotwheels cars.
 What are your favorite hobbies?
 Exercising, Reading, listening to Jazz music, and watching sports.
 If you had to describe yourself using three words, what would they be? 
  Benevolent.  Self-sufficient. Practical.
 Best perks that you have ever had at a job?  
 40% off sneakers! 
 Which is the best vacation you’ve ever had?  
  Caribbean cruise during undergraduate years
 What are you passionate about?
 Helping people with disabilities across the lifespan experience the benefits of physical activity.
 What do you consider your greatest achievement?  
 Completion of my undergraduate degree. I was the first one in my family (3 generations, 133 people at the time of my graduation) to graduate from college.
 What are two things that you like to wear to signify your style? 
 Striped sweaters and argyle socks.
 What do you think the secret to a good life is?