Daniel Lee, PhD
Faculty Mentor

 Daniel Lee, Ph.D.
Peer Mentor since 2003
Faculty Mentor since 2010

Dr. Daniel C. Lee is an Assistant Professor at University of South Florida College of Pharmacy, Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute in the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology. A native of Pennsylvania, Daniel received his B.S. degree  in chemistry in 1999 at Lincoln University , Pennsylvania and his Ph.D. in pharmacology/ toxicology at Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2005. His dissertation work involved the role of cystatin C and lysosomal protease alterations following 6-hydroxydopamine induced oxidative stress: Implications in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease. His current research interest focuses on novel therapies for Alzheimer’s disease models and the role of neuroinflammation on tau and amyloid beta pathology. Daniel has received numerous accolades during his tenure at USF including the USF Research Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Scholar Outstanding Presentation Award, Symposium Winner three times (2007, 2008, and 2009) and seven travel awards to international conferences. He has published in nine peer reviewed journals and has presented his research at 14 international conferences. Daniel is a member of the Society for Neuroscience and The American Society for Neural Therapy and Repair, and has served as a FASEB MARC peer mentor since 2003.   


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Contact Information

Affiliation:  Postdoctoral Fellow

 Dept of Molecular  Pharmacology  & Physiology, School of Biomedical Sciences
 College of Medicine, Box 8
 University of South Florida
 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
 Tamp, FL 33612

Phone:  813.974.8594
Fax:  813.886.1601


FASEB Society Member:  N/A
Scientific Discipline:  Alzheimer's disease; neuroscience
ABRCMS 2011 Mentor:  Not Attending Meeting/Schedule Conflict














Breaking the Ice - Daniel's "Q&A"

 What is the name of the best movie you have ever seen?  Why?

  My favorite movie is Inception because of the analogy that an "idea" is the most resilient parasite.  A brilliant idea is almost impossible to eradicate from your mind.

 What is the most honest thing you have done?

  I bought a meal at a fast food restaurant under $5 and the manager gave me change for $50.  I told him about his mistake, but more interestingly, he insisted I gave him $50.  It took several minutes for me to convince him and finally he realized I did give him $5 not $50.

 My biggest pet peeve is...

 ... Waiting for someone when I have something else to do.

 Listener or talker?

  I'm a listener.

 If you could have one super human power, what would it be?

  Mind control.

 Which of Snow White's 7 dwarfs describes you best and why?

   Most likely, Sneezy... I always carry tissues.

 What's your favorite line from any movie?

  "This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object."   [Spoken by The Joker in The Dark Knight.]

 If you were on the cover of a magazine which one would it be and why? 

  GQ.  Once at the end of a summer science program, the group gave out "made up" awards and I got the "GQ award."

 If you had a "theme song" that played whenever you walked into a room full of people, what would it be?

  The theme song to 24.

 If you could live in any sitcom, what would it be?