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If you are an active AdNet eNewsletter reader, you may have noticed that we have reported multiple times on the importance of mobile. And we’re back with another feature on mobile! Gohar Galyan, the business development manager at Zite states, “Not innovating for mobile is a choice – one that will have tremendous consequences for publishers already challenged to survive.”

Transitioning to mobile may be difficult in the beginning, but mobile gives publishers the opportunity to create new products. Galyan highlighted 3 publishers who successfully made the transition to mobile. Our favorite is Quartz, the Atlantic Media’s business news startup. Last year, Atlantic Media launched Quartz as an online publication specifically for mobile devices and tablets. Along with a new product, they built a new ad experience. Quartz has seen success in terms of traffic. In July, Atlantic Media reported more than 2 million Unique Visits.

AdNet online contract advertisers get exclusive mobile banners on our publisher’s mobile journal sites. Find out more about our mobile and online options!

Remember radio!?

Overconsumption of the digital age has left us forgetting or ignoring one of the more traditional mediums in the marketing mix: radio. According to Advertising Age, radio retains its place as the most widely used mass-communication channel, with over 13,000 radio stations reaching 94% of the US population. While TV and online has been the preferred choice, radio has evolved to include segmentation and audience tracking metrics.

Metadata with GPS enabled customization gives marketers the ability to target radio ads and content. Unlike social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Vine, radio ads are less limiting. Engaging 10-, 15- and 30- second radio spots can be created for the fraction of the cost while still reaching a specific target audience.

Interested in reaching scientists with audio? Some AdNet publishers are beginning to accept advertising for podcasts. This new opportunity is developing. Let us know if you are interested!

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