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The Genetics Society of America (GSA) promotes scholarly research in its journals, GENETICS (with about 2 million web hits each month!) and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, and at its scientific meetings focused on key model organisms widely used in genetics research. These venues reach a broad audience of geneticists, most either decision makers or influencers. GSA’s bi-weekly online e-Newsletter and printed newsletter reach the Society’s 5,000 members directly.


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Measure It!

Utilizing social media marketing for your organization can be overwhelming. Or, maybe you’re feeling frustrated that your time spent generating social media content is not resulting in the return of investment you are looking for. Tracking is a great way to get the most out of your social media marketing. Reviewing your social media metrics can give you the information needed to tailor messages and content that attracts your target audience. Social media metrics can also give you a good idea of how your social campaigns are performing compared to your competition.

Social Media Examiner
provided 3 metrics you should be using:

Metric #1: Share of Voice (SOV)

A Share of Voice in social media terms represents the number of mentions your brand receives, calculated from the sum of mentions of you and your competitor.
- Salesforce

Measuring your organization’s SOV can help you find out how many people are talking about your brand compared to your competitors and provide you with information on your social media reach. According to America’s Internet Marketing, “The share of voice or 'big picture' metric may identify areas of strength and weakness, which could lead to strategies as to how one could leverage a particular Social Network with a strong Share of Voice in order to fortify another Social Network with a weaker Share of Value.”

Here are a few tools to help your organization track Share of Voice:
          • Google Alerts
          • SocialMention
          • RADIAN6 from Salesforce
          • Technorati

Metric #2: Referral Traffic

Referral traffic refers to the visitors that are lead to your site through direct links from other websites, blogs, or from search engines. Referral traffic increases your page rank and allows your organization’s site to show higher in Google search results. With Google Analytics you can find out which social networking sites are sending you the most referral traffic, and then use that information to create a strategy on how to turn your referral traffic into conversions.

Metric #3: Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the proportion of visitors to a website who take action that goes beyond casual content view or website visit. - Wikipedia

The conversion rate is a great metric to use to see if your recent Facebook post or tweet led to measurable activity, such as a newsletter or membership sign-up or a purchase. Google Analytic Goals allows you to set up individual goals to a completed activity, which is called a conversion. According to Google, this feature in Google Analytics allows you to see how much that conversion is worth to your business.

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