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The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) is a nonprofit organization made up of 27 member societies representing over 110,000 life scientists. FASEB is recognized as the policy voice of biological and biomedical researchers.

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Improve Your Mobile Site or Lose Your Rank?

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In June 2013 Nielsen reported that more than 61% of mobile subscribers in the U.S. own a smartphone. As smartphone usage continues to rise in the U.S., Google stated that sites which are not smartphone-friendly could significantly drop in search engine rankings. Google will soon implement several search engine rank changes which could have a serious impact on sites that are not tailored to mobile SEO.

On the Google Webmaster Central Blog, there are recommendations on how to improve your mobile site for a better user experience while staying in line with Google’s upcoming changes. Google webmasters suggest fixing faulty redirect links and to not direct users to a mobile app when what they really want is your mobile site. According to Google, “Avoiding these mistakes helps your smartphone users engage with your site fully and helps searchers find what they’re looking for faster.”

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Marketing with Instagram Video

Recently Instagram introduced Video on Instagram. With the new video feature, users can record up to fifteen seconds of video using the Instagram camera and can also tailor the feel of their video using thirteen video filters. According to Celtra, “half of all web traffic on mobile is video related, with global Internet video traffic expected to account for 55% by 2016.”

As mobile video continues to rise, it is important for marketers to maximize the use of video shorts. Instagram has a large user base, which provides the opportunity for marketers to have a large reach with more engagement. Creative video shorts on Instagram allow users to share the contact through other social networks. If you’re still not convinced on the power of mobile video, Celtra also found that 50% of people watched video ads to the end.

You can utilize Instagram Video by shooting new product demos or to answers questions about your product before your customers have a chance to ask. Also the Instagram video feature is a great way to promote your next scientific meeting or event!

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