NIH Issues Subcommittee

The NIH Issues Subcommittee was established to promote best practices at NIH and review and comment on a range of issues that affect NIH-funded research. The committee has addressed topics that include the NIH reauthorization, the SBIR set-aside, and ethics regulations for NIH employees.

 Subcommitte objectives:

  • Incubate big-picture strategic thinking about the NIH and how it funds science
  • Proactively develop FASEB positions
  • Monitor and respond to proposed legislative and regulatory issues not covered by other subcommittees.

Members of the subcommittee:

  • Parker Antin, PhD Chair (AAA*, SDB)
  • John Chatham, DPhil (APS*)
  • Robert Freishtat, MD, MPH (AFMR*)
  • George L. Gerton, PhD (SSR*)
  • Avrum Gotlieb, MD (ASIP)
  • Susanna Fletcher Greer, PhD (AAI*)
  • Ellen Kraig, PhD (AAI*)
  • Virendra Mahesh, MD (SSR)
  • Francis Miller, MD (AFMR*)
  • Nicola Partridge, PhD (ASBMB, APS, ASBMR, TES)
  • Peter A. Rubenstein, PhD (ASBMB)
  • Alan Schneyer, PhD (ASBMB, SSR, ENDO)
  • Zhongjie Sun, MD, PhD (APS)
  • William Talman, MD (APS)
  • Judith Van Houten, PhD (GSA)
  • Bart Williams, PhD (ASBMR*)
  • Xiaoqin Ye, PhD (TS*)
  • Bethany Drehman, PhD (FASEB Staff Liaison)

*Designated society representative to subcommittee, SPC, or Board

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