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Science Policy Issues

 FASEB focuses on policy issues important to, and affecting, biomedical researchers and their life-saving work.  The diversity of our membership allows us to draw on the expertise of scientists to comment thoughtfully and decisively on issues of concern to researchers.  FASEB’s outstanding reputation, built on decades of sound policy, and backed by the membership of 26 societies and over 115,000 scientists, assures that our views are heard and respected by key policymakers.

At FASEB, policy development begins with the working scientists representing FASEB member societies and reflects the views of a broad cross-section of the research community.  Staff scientists in FASEB’s Office of Public Affairs (OPA) conduct policy research and contribute their experience, communications skills, and strategic intelligence from Congress and federal agencies.  This combination of volunteer action and staff professionalism informs FASEB policy statements so that they are designed for maximum effectiveness.  Coordination with member societies and coalition building with related groups integrate our efforts with those of a larger community.  

FASEB’s successful approach to public policy has contributed to notable successes in the policy area including:
  • Doubling of the NIH budget
  • Protection of animal research and the scientists who perform it
  • Mitigating over-zealous security proposals
  • Alleviation of restrictions in the visa process
  • Promoting policies to enhance graduate and postdoctoral training
  • Continued funding for biosecurity research at NIH

In 2002, FASEB received the Research!America award for an “Organization that has Distinguished Itself by its Advocacy,”  and in 2007 received the Distinguished Service award given by the National Postdoctoral Association. Click here for a list of FASEB's Science Policy Committee members and here for a list of FASEB's Science Policy Committee Subcommittees.

For more information, please email advocacy@faseb.org or call 301.634.7650.

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