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A special article in the February 6th edition of Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN), a weekly magazine published by the American Chemical Society, provides a new look at FASEB’s centennial and celebrates the evolution of the federation into a leading advocate for biomedical researchers. “FASEB at 100” features a timeline of key milestones throughout the organization’s history, accompanied by a series of photos. In addition, the article discusses the circumstances behind the founding of FASEB, highlights the growth of the federation from three to 26 member societies, and previews some of the special events planned to celebrate the federation’s anniversary.  
The role of advocacy in FASEB’s history is a central theme of the C&EN piece. Noting that FASEB’s first public affairs office opened in the late 1960’s, the article describes how the federation’s transition to enhanced advocacy occurred after a retreat in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1989. FASEB’s efforts to advocate for sustained increases in federal funding for basic research, including an historic meeting with then House Speaker Newt Gingrich in 1995, are also spotlighted in the two-page feature. The article includes comments about FASEB’s plans to use the centennial as an opportunity to reenergize the scientific community, by “mobilizing scientists, bringing more people to Washington to advocate for research, and taking the message from Washington back to their local communities.” Those without a subscription to C&EN can read the article on FASEB’s website.