Created by on 02/14/2012

On January 30th, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) released its annual report to Congress, Federal Funding for Biomedical & Related Life Sciences Research, FY 2013. “As a result of exciting new discoveries, we are poised to accelerate our progress in the search for cures, and it would be tragic if we could not capitalize on the many opportunities before us.” said Joseph C. LaManna, PhD, FASEB President. “With other nations ramping up their investments in research and development, it would be very costly to cede our leadership in critical areas of science and technology. We recognize that these are difficult economic times. Nonetheless, it remains abundantly clear that research-based innovation has dramatically improved the quality of life for billions of people, and that our best hope for future progress remains a strong commitment to science and technology.”
For FY 2013, FASEB proposed sustainable increases for federal agencies based on the demonstrated capacity of the research enterprise to employ resources productively and the available scientific opportunities. The report outlines FASEB’s funding recommendations for five research programs including:
  • At least $32 billion for the National Institutes of Health, recognizing that the demonstrated capacity of the agency is $35 billion
  • At least $7.3 billion for the National Science Foundation
  • $5.1 billion for the Department of Energy Office of Science
  • $621 million for the Veterans Administration Medical and Prosthetic Research Program
  • $277 million for the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative at the United States Department of Agriculture.
 All members of Congress and senior officials in the Obama administration will receive copies of the report which is also available on FASEB’s website. It will serve as the basis for FASEB’s advocacy efforts on behalf of federal funding for the next fiscal year.