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The American Association of Immunologists (AAI) is the largest professional association of basic and clinical immunologists in the world. The 7,600 members of AAI, who hail from academia, government, industry and private research institutes, are dedicated to advancing and disseminating the knowledge of immunology and its related disciplines and to addressing the potential integration of immunologic principles into clinical practice. In 2013, AAI will celebrate its centennial throughout the year, but especially at the IMMUNOLOGY 2013TM meeting in Honolulu (May 3-7) with cutting-edge scientific presentations as well as retrospectives, social events, displays, and other homages to our scientific past.
Even as AAI looks back proudly over its first hundred years, we are moving forward rapidly to address today’s challenges. As the owner and publisher of The Journal of Immunology (The JI), the largest and most highly cited journal in the field, AAI continues to support thorough peer review and publish the lion’s share of immunologic research conducted in the U.S. and abroad, making it available in multiple forums and more quickly than ever before. Our educational programs and courses provide valuable instruction to a wide range of participants, from high school teachers to senior scientists. And we are devoting even more energy to our active public affairs program, explaining the importance of immunologic research to the elected leaders and policymakers whose decisions impact AAI members’ professional lives. 
As part of our commitment to the next generation, AAI recently launched a new program, the AAI Public Policy Fellows Program (PPFP). The PPFP provides selected postdoctoral fellows and other junior scientists who are committed to a career in biomedical research with the opportunity to learn about and participate in the public policy and legislative activities of AAI. Through this program, we are helping young AAI members better understand the role of Congress and the National Institutes of Health on both the advancement of biomedical research and their careers, and teaching participants how to best advocate for, and impact, the policies that affect them.
AAI is looking ahead, cognizant of the opportunities as well as the challenges, which face our members today. We welcome all scientists who share our professional goals to join us. For more information or to join AAI, please contact us at infoaai@aai.org.



Society Spotlight is a new feature that will occasionally appear in the Washington Update to highlight the achievements and public affairs activities of FASEB societies during the Federation’s centennial in 2012. This spotlight was contributed by Lauren Gross, Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, American Association of Immunologists.