FASEB Seeks Feedback from Researchers on Administrative Burden - Yvette Seger
Created by on 05/02/2013

In late March, the National Science Board (NSB) Task Force on Administrative Burden released a Request for Information (RFI) to provide an opportunity for Principal Investigators with federal funding “to identify Federal agency and university requirements that contribute most to the administrative workload and to offer recommendations for reducing that workload.” The impact of administrative burden on the ability of investigators and their staff to conduct research projects in a timely and cost-effective manner has been a long-standing interest of the Federation of American Societies for Experiential Biology’s (FASEB) Science Policy Committee and its subcommittees, and the Federation welcomes the opportunity to submit comments to the RFI.

Due to the broad scope of NSB’s request, FASEB is pursuing a two-pronged approach to prepare its response. First, the policy staff requested feedback from the FASEB subcommittees on topics that included training of researchers, use of animals in research, clinical and translational research, information technology, biosecurity. In addition, FASEB has developed a short online survey to collect comments on the effects of administrative burden from the broader research community. The survey asks respondents to identify up to three areas that represent the greatest amount of burden and requests recommendations to reduce the impact of these burdens.

Survey responses will be used to supplement FASEB Board’s response to the RFI and will be incorporated into a summary report that will be submitted to NSB. FASEB has received over 1,000 responses to date and will continue to collect comments until Wednesday, May 15. To share your experiences of the effects of administrative oversight on your research, take FASEB’s survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FASEBadminburden. Once submitted, FASEB’s response, as well as the full report, will be available on its website.

Thank you for your support in this very important effort!