FASEB Announces Its 2nd Annual BioArt Competition – Allison Lea
Created by on 05/16/2013

On Tuesday, FASEB announced its second annual BioArt competition to engage and educate the public, including policy makers, about biomedical and biological research. Each day, scientific investigators produce thousands of images as a part of their research, though only a few are ever seen outside of the laboratory. FASEB believes that sharing visually compelling research data with the public can create a sense of wonder and excitement to further promote science. Last year’s winning BioArt images were displayed at a Capitol Hill reception, the National Institutes of Health’s visitor center, and on the FASEB webpage.

The competition is open to current or previously federally-funded biomedical and life scientists or FASEB society members, who wish to submit captivating, high-resolution images and videos produced from their own cutting-edge biomedical research. FASEB will select ten winners in the image category and two in the video category. The submission deadline is July 11, 2013.

To learn more about the competition, or to submit an entry, please visit www.faseb.org/bioart or contact FASEB at BioArt@faseb.org.

One of the 2012 winning BioArt images: Dougles B. Cowan:
Harvard Medical School