FASEB Highlights the Negative Impacts of Inconsistent Regulation of the Research Enterprise
Created by on 06/21/2013


By Yvette Seger
In late March, the National Science Board (NSB) Task Force on Administrative Burden released a Request for Information(RFI) to obtain additional insights about administrative burdens associated with conducting federally funded research. The impact of administrative burden on the ability of scientists and their staff to conduct research projects in a timely and cost-effective manner has been a long-standing interest of the FASEB Science Policy Committee and its subcommittees.
Due to the broad scope of NSB’s request, FASEB pursued a two-pronged approach to prepare its response. In addition to obtaining Committee feedback on topics that included training of researchers, use of animals in research, clinical and translational research, information technology, and biosecurity, FASEB developed a short online survey to collect comments on the effects of administrative burden from the broader research community.
In its response, FASEB identified three major themes of administrative burden and made six broad recommendations to alleviate these burdens. FASEB also provided recommendations pertaining to specific areas of administrative burden as outlined in the RFI, including conflict of interest reporting, research training requirements, effort reporting, select agents, and regulations pertaining to research involving human subjects and laboratory animal care and use. Survey submissions were compiled into a summary report, which was submitted to the NSB as a supplement to FASEB’s formal response. In this report, FASEB highlighted key findings and comments from the more than 1,300 survey responses.