FASEB Vice President-Elect for Science Policy Wins Research Award
Created by on 09/12/2013

By Allison Lea

Hudson Freeze, PhD, the Federation of American Societies for Biological Research’s (FASEB) Vice President-Elect for Science Policy has been named a winner of the 2013 The Golden Goose Award for his discovery of a bacteria – Thermus aquaticus – that helped lead to the field of biotechnology and genomics. The Golden Goose Award was established by a coalition of several organizations to recognize scientists whose work “demonstrates the human and economic benefits of federally funded research by highlighting examples of seemingly obscure studies that have led to major breakthroughs and resulted in significant societal impact.” 
Dr. Freeze is being recognized along with microbiologist Thomas Brock, PhD, who led the research project back in 1966 using thermophiles ( bacteria that thrives in very hot temperatures) to study how organisms survived in extreme environmental conditions.  Additional awardees are Alvin Roth, PhD, Lloyd Shapley, PhD, and David Gale, PhD (now deceased), who are being recognized for their work that resulted in the national kidney exchange program, among others.
The award ceremony will be held on September 19 on Capitol Hill. For more information, visit the Golden Goose Award