FASEB 2015 Excellence in Science Award Recipient Announced

July 01, 2014

Bethesda, MD – The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) is pleased to announce that Diane E. Griffin, MD, PhD, has been chosen to receive the FASEB 2015 Excellence in Science Award. The award recognizes women whose outstanding career achievements in biological science have contributed significantly to further our understanding of a particular discipline by excellence in research. This prestigious award carries with it an unrestricted research grant of $10K.

Dr. Griffin is the Alfred and Jill Sommer Chair of the W. Harry Feinstone Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Professor of Medicine and of Neurology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, former Director of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, and is a Johns Hopkins University Distinguished Service Professor.

Dr. Griffin's scientific research has made her an internationally recognized leader in the pathogenesis of important human viral diseases.  Her seminal studies of a nerve cell’s recovery from viral infections of the brain may explain why neurons die years after apparent recovery, such as after polio and measles infection. Her work on recovery from viral infections has been critically important in developing new approaches to vaccination, and has led to important advances in understanding the immune responses to a wide variety of pathogenic viruses including measles, encephalitic arboviruses, visna, rabies, and HIV.

Dr. Griffin is internationally recognized for her pioneering research and numerous contributions to understanding viral diseases.  She is a former editor of the Journal of Virology and has served on the editorial boards of Virology, Virus Research, Science, mBio and PNAS.  She is an editor of Fields Virology, the primary reference book for virology.  She has authored and co-authored more than 100 book chapters and review articles, and more than 250 peer-reviewed journal articles in leading medical journals.  She has served on numerous advisory panels for government agencies, research foundations and the World Health Organization.  In 2004, Dr. Griffin was elected to both the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), of which she is now the Vice President.

Dr. Griffin's service, teaching and mentoring accomplishments are equally impressive.  She has been a leader in numerous organizations, is outspoken on the topic of recruiting female faculty, and many of her trainees have risen through the ranks of academia and the biotech industry to prominence.

Written by:

Sally A. Moody, PhD

Professor of Anatomy and Regenerative Biology

The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Washington, DC 

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