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June 02, 2014



Reach Biotechnology Laboratory Decision Makers by Advertising with ABRF



The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) is an international society dedicated to advancing core and research biotechnology laboratories through research, communication, and education.

ABRF is a unique membership association comprising over 700 members working within or in the support of resource and research biotechnology laboratories. Members represent over 340 laboratories and administrative offices in government, academia, research, industry and commercial settings, and are involved in a broad spectrum of biomolecular technologies.


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Go Native!

You can’t watch a YouTube video, read an online article or visit a social network without seeing an ad pop up. Every day we are bombarded will hundreds of advertising messages vying for our attention. As a result, native advertising,  nonintrusive content in the context of the user experience, is growing in popularity.

Native advertising gives marketers the opportunity to build relationships naturally. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), “consumers say that sponsored content doesn’t hinder their experience and that they are also more likely to look at and share native ads.” Essentially, native advertising is an extension of content marketing. Individuals seek useful information. If you would like to test the waters with native advertising, take the information that you are already developing within your content marketing strategy and create an ad for your social networks. This approach is also a great way to increase website traffic and engagement.

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FW: Subject Lines

Deciding on an email subject line can be more difficult than creating the email content. A great deal of time and energy is put into an email subject line because the subject line will be read whether or not the marketing email is opened. However, the goal is to increase open rates! Here are a few things to avoid in your next email subject line:

  • The word(s) “Free”, “Help”, % Off”,  “avoid”, “As Seen on Oprah”, “Save”, “Today”,  or “Don’t miss” will trigger spam filters.
  • Be transparent and let your audience know what’s in the email. A case study conducted by AWeber Communications found that a “clear subject line gets 541% more clicks than a clever one.”
  • Never use “Fwd:” or “Re:” as tricks like this will cause you to lose trust with your audience.
  • NEVER WRITE IN ALL CAPS! (or use exclamation marks)
  • If you decide to personalize a subject line by using a first name, make sure you run several test emails to ensure that the correct name matches the correct email.  
  • Don’t get cray-cray with the slang. If you use LOL, WTF, YOLO, or Turnt Up, your email probably won’t get opened. Also, most people can’t keep up with the current slang. Out of date slang usage is not clever or funny.

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