MARC Travel Awards Announced for the 2014 Postdoctoral Preparation Institute: Career Transitions

May 23, 2014

Bethesda, MD – FASEB MARC (Maximizing Access to Research Careers) Program has announced the travel award recipients for the 2014 Postdoctoral Preparation Institute in Bethesda, Maryland from June 5-6, 2014. These awards are meant to help support the participation of postdoctoral fellows, new assistant professors and advanced graduate students who have recently or soon will be transitioning into their first independent positions.  This year MARC conferred 58 awards totaling $72,500.

The FASEB MARC Program is funded by a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health. A primary goal of the MARC Program is to increase the number and competitiveness of students, postdoctorates and academic faculty members from underrepresented groups who are engaged in biomedical and behavioral research.

The following participants have been selected to receive a FASEB MARC Travel Award:

Ms. Oreoluwa Adedoyin, University of Kentucky
Dr. Donatello Arienzo, Georgia Regents University
Dr. Skye Barendt, Oregon Health & Science University
Dr. Muyinatu Bell, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Michael Bruckman, Case Western Reserve University
Dr. Tullia Bruno, University of Colorado
Dr. Tiffiny Butler, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Dr. Erika Cheng, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Nioka Chisholm, Texas A&M University, Health Sciences Center
Dr. Evan Chiswick, Boston University School of Medicine
Dr. Chin-Ying Chung, University of Texas, Southwestern
Dr. Rebecca Coleman, Translational Genomics Research
Dr. Ryan Coleman, University of California, San Francisco
Dr. Sarah Craig, Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Christie Custodio-Lumsden, Columbia University
Dr. Robert Davis, University of Illinois-Chicago
Dr. Gergana Deevska, University of Kentucky
Dr. Sean Fanning, University of Chicago
Dr. Jennifer Garza, University of Connecticut Health Center
Dr. Jacob Gump, University of Colorado
Dr. Shumaila Hanif, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Dr. Maroof Hasan, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Dr. Erin Heckler, Rutgers/New Jersey Medical School
Dr. Ryan Henry, Fox Chase Cancer Center
Dr. Jennifer Honda, University of Colorado
Dr. Stephan Jahn, University of Florida
Dr. Felicia Jefferson, Spelman College
Dr. Emily Kelly, University of Rochester
Dr. Karen Lewis, University of Colorado
Ms. Sephania Libreros, Florida Atlantic University
Dr. Kevin Liu, Rice University
Dr. Rebecca Mallinson, Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Bernadette Marquez, Washington University School of Medicine
Ms. Amber Mathews, University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Dr. Carmen Miguel, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Dr. Sohini Mukherjee, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Ms. Marcielly Ortiz, Ponce School of Medicine & Health Sciences
Ms. Shaun Patel, Massachusetts General hospital
Dr. Upali Patel, Clemson University
Dr. Carlos Perez-Torres, Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Lyudmila Popova, University of California, San Francisco
Dr. Eugenia Prescott, Louisiana State University
Dr. Christine, Quartararo, Columbia University
Dr. Stacie Richardson, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Marylem Rimando, Georgia Southern University
Dr. Mohit Sachdeva, Duke University Medical Center
Dr. Valerie Salazar, Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Dr. Cara Shirai, Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Jillian Silva, University of California, San Francisco
Dr. Linda Sousse, University of Texas Medical Branch
Dr. Srinivas Sriramula, Louisiana State University
Dr. Patrice Tankam, University of Rochester
Dr. Tonya Taylor, University of Minnesota
Dr. Angela Verdoni, Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Venus Welch-White, Tuskegee University
Dr. Zakiya Whatley, Duke University
Dr. Sparkle Williams, Tennessee State University
Dr. Qi Zhang, Tulane University

The 2014 Postdoctoral Preparation Institute is being organized and funded by a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health.
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