FASEB Commends National Science Board Recommendations to Reduce Administrative Workload for Federally Funded Research

May 01, 2014
Bethesda, MD – The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) commends the National Science Board (NSB) on the release of its report, Reducing Investigators’ Administrative Workload for Federally Funded Research. The four overarching recommendations of the report—(1) focus on the science, (2) eliminate or modify ineffective regulations, (3) harmonize and streamline requirements, and (4) increase university efficiency and effectiveness—are consistent with FASEB’s comments and the findings from over 1,300 respondents to an online survey conducted by FASEB in response to the Request for Information issued by the NSB in March 2013.

The deleterious effects of uncoordinated development and implementation of federal regulations, policies, and guidance on the progress of research have been long-standing area of concern for the biological and biomedical research community. Therefore, FASEB looks forward to working with the NSB and federal agencies to implement these recommendations and enhance the efficiency of federally funded research programs.

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