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January 01, 2014

Reach Leukocyte Biologist by Advertising with SLB


The Society for Leukocyte Biology (SLB) is devoted to the exploration of cellular and molecular biology of leukocytes and host defense.

The goals of the Society are to promote the discipline of leukocyte biology by promoting research and scientific endeavor in the field; promoting the study of leukocyte biology by young investigators; promoting the field to a wide audience, including other scientists and people interested in science.

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Try a New Approach This Year

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Let’s face it, some of your marketing and advertising messages are ill targeted and your audience members are ignoring your messages, no matter how many times you repeat it. This year, let’s try a different approach. You have to think less about what the advertising says and more about how it will benefit your audience. In “Advertising’s New Medium: Human Experience” Jeffrey F. Rayport provides a different approach to advertising strategy and execution.

By focusing on how your target audience operates, how they live their lives, and under what circumstances they are most likely to receive the message, you can gain a new level of trust and attention. Rayport explains how to tailor your message based on how your target audience operates within four main spheres: public, social, tribal, and psychological.

The Public Sphere
In the Public Sphere there is a small amount of down time when consumers are moving from one point of activity to the next. In order to engage consumers in the sliver of downtime the message has to be even more relevant and ideally help people reach their personal objective. For example, IKEA provides branded transportation options to help customers get to its Brooklyn, New York store with ease.

The Social Sphere
How people create new connections and enhance existing ones is a major attribute to the Social Sphere. Advertising messages in the Social Sphere “must be relevant in context, align with social goals, address a social need, and facilitate interaction in innovative ways.” Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice online video ads facilitated interaction because the videos were designed to be shared socially, boosting the brand.

The Tribal Sphere
In the Tribal Sphere people are focused on social engagement and how they identify with groups. As a result your advertising should focus on membership and provide a strong sense of affiliation. For example, Oakley, a high performance equipment and lifestyle company, relies on tribal positioning to market their brand. Oakley consumers use and wear branded products, but they are not hesitant to display the logo separately by sticking decals on their cars, creating a sense of affiliation with the brand.

The Psychological Sphere
The Psychological Sphere connects language in consumer processes to inspire action or positive feelings. This can be achieved by incorporating phrases into advertising, similar to Apple’s “Think different” or Nike’s “Just do it.” In addition, the language used in the psychological sphere could connect the consumer with a mood or emotion.

Take the time to figure out how your message fits within each of the spheres so you can establish a sustained presence within the lives of your target audience. AdNet has a variety of options that can help.

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