The Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine Joins FASEB as Its Newest Member Society

July 08, 2014

Bethesda, MD - The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) is pleased to announce that the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine (SFRBM) became its 27th member society on July 1, 2014. SFRBM’s application for membership was approved by the FASEB Board on June 2.

Founded in 1987, SFRBM is an international organization of scientists, investigators and clinicians who conduct research in the area of redox biology as well as oxidants and antioxidants. These areas have shown explosive growth over the last decade and are now integral to major initiatives in basic, applied and translational research, including development of new therapies in cancer, heart disease, aging and cardiovascular disease. SFRBM fosters a balanced approach to understanding both the advantageous and deleterious properties of free radicals, active oxygen species and related oxidants and reductants.

"SFRBM is a dynamic and rapidly growing association in an important area of biomedical research. We are proud to welcome them to the Federation and look forward to working with the society and its membership as we address the challenges before us. This is a critical time for science, and we all need to marshal our resources to continue our progress in science and advocacy for science," stated FASEB President Joseph R.  Haywood, PhD.
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