Grantsmanship Training Seminars for Minority Institutions

Dr. David Morrison presenting 'Write Winning Grants' at the University of Guam Write Winning Grants Seminar Participants Dr. Steve Russell presenting 'Write Winning Grants' at the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus

"Write Winning Grant Proposals" - A seminar and service provided by Grant Writers' Seminars & Workshops, LLC (Co-sponsored by the FASEB MARC Program and funded by NIGMS TWD Division)

The FASEB MARC Program, in association with Grant Writers’ Seminars and Workshops, LLC (GWSW, LLC,) is accepting applications for the FASEB MARC Program Grantsmanship Training Program for Minority Institutions. Awards are limited to accredited postsecondary minority institutions in the United States and territories of the United States. The one day seminar is designed to help investigators achieve their full potential in research by providing them with grant writing skills that are necessary to maximize their abilities to generate novel, innovate ideas, and to communicate those ideas effectively to grant review panels.

FASEB MARC Program co-sponsors the "Write Winning Grant Proposals" seminar at the selected minority institution by covering up to $13,674 of the total costs of the seminar. As this is a co-sponsored activity, the host institution (co-sponsor) will be invoiced for the balance of the total costs of the seminar fee and the additional workbooks, including shipping costs. The costs, over $13,674, may include the following:

"Write Winning Grant Proposals" Seminar fee for 2013:  The seminar fee is $9,174 and is fully covered by FASEB MARC.

"The Grant Application Writer's Workbook" fee for 2013: $90*/each plus actual shipping costs.  FASEB MARC will cover costs up to $4,500 per seminar.  This amount will cover a total of 50 (FASEB-approved) seminar participants/per seminar.


1)   If FASEB is co-sponsoring the "Write Winning Grant Proposals" seminar at State University, then FASEB will pay GWSW, LLC a total of $9,174  for the seminar program at State University (the co-sponsor of the seminar.)

2)   If 50 faculty members and/or postdoctorates register and participate in the seminar at State University, FASEB MARC Program will cover the cost for up to 50 (FASEB MARC-approved) seminar participants.  This amount totals $4,500 ($90 x 50 participants).  For each additional seminar participant, State University will be responsible for covering the seminar participant fee of $90 per additional participant plus the actual shipping costs of the workbook and seminar materials for the additional participants.  

3)   An invoice for the total amount for the additional participants plus the actual shipping costs will be sent to State University from GWSW, LLC.  At the request of GWSW, LLC, advance payment for the seminar is now required.

PLEASE NOTE: The total seminar expenses will increase based on the total number of workbooks required for the seminar registrants/participants.

* Seminar fee/workbook fee subject to change.
Grant Writer's Seminars & Workshops, LLC, will present the "Write Winning Grant Proposals" seminar featuring:

-  The fundamental principles of grant writing
-  The nine most common reasons that grant applications fail
-  How to develop an irresistible, fundable idea for a grant application
-  How to get the most important aspects of your message up front
-  How to use the internet to your advantage
-  How to identify the most applicable source of funding for an idea
-  Funding that is available for beginning researchers– and which sources are best
-  How to access your competition and to benefit from their ideas
-  How to make an application maximally “reviewer friendly”
-  What reviewers look for first- next– last!
-  Tips on how to write for your reviewers
-  What can be learned from newspaper writing
-  The review process
-  The budget and budget justification
-  Resubmitting an unsuccessful application
-  How an applicant can help to write his/her own review
-  Tips and strategies for resubmitting, including what should and what should not be done


 * All host universities should expect a follow-up evaluation interview within one year following the seminar to evaluate the outcomes and impact of seminar program.

For more information about the grantsmanship training program contact Cordelia Adams via email or phone 301-634-7930.


Grant Writing Resources:

  1. NIH Grants Seminars (Coelho, 2010)
  2. Overview of NIH Career Development Programs/K Awards (Khachaturian, 2010)
  3. Grant Writers' Seminars & Workshops, LLC
  4. University of Kentucky/NIGMS-funded Grant Writing Workshop
  5. National Institutes of Health - All About Grants Podcasts




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The FASEB MARC Program is funded by two grants from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health.  [T36-GM08059 and T36-GM08637]

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