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03/13/2015 MARC Travel Awards Announcement for the 2015 West Coast SDB Regional Meeting Read More

03/12/2015 MARC Travel Awards Announced for the 2015 ASCI/AAP Joint Meeting Read More

03/04/2015 MARC Travel Awards Announced for EB 2015 Read More

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Now Accepting Applications: FASEB Grant Writing Seminar & Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Workshop

FASEB Beaumont Campus in Bethesda, Maryland - September 14-15, 2015.  This is a two-day seminar/workshop program for advanced PhD Students, Postdoctoral Fellows and Early-Career Scientists. Travel awards (up to $1,400) are available for all eligible/approved participants.

For more info and the application form, visit: http://bit.ly/GrantWritingRCRinMD

FASEB MARC Travel Award Per Diem Rate Update - Change in Per Diem Rate Allowances for 2015 Meetings - Effective March 1, 2015

ATTENTION FASEB MARC Travel Award Recipients:  Updated travel award "Rules for Reimbursement" are available online at http://bit.ly/RulesForReimbursement

Effective immediately (March 1, 2015), expenses for meals will be reimbursed at the per diem rate of $66.00 for each calendar day a travel award recipient is on authorized travel status except the first and last days of travel. On the first day and last travel day, the travel award recipient is eligible for 75 percent ($49.50) of the per diem rate ($66.00).  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

EB2015 Career Center Activities - Now Available Online! Checkout the variety of career development seminars and workshops and the new "NIH Boot Camp: Becoming a Manager" workshop!  Make your plans now to attend EB2015 in Boston!

FASEB MARC Travel Award Applications Update - Change in Faculty/Student Travel Awards for 2015 Meetings - Effective December 13, 2014

ATTENTION FASEB MARC Travel Award Applicants:  Updated travel award application forms are now available online at http://www.faseb.org/marc/travel

Effective immediately (December 13, 2014), due to limited funding available for travel awards in 2015, the Faculty/Student Travel Award will only be available for one faculty/mentor and one student per travel award application packet.  Please note the change in the number of available travel awards for each faculty/mentor and student award.  The Faculty/Student Travel Award program activity will end on June 30, 2015. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

FASEB MARC Travel Award Application Forms - New Requirements Effective June 29, 2014

ATTENTION FASEB MARC Travel Award Applicants:  Updated travel award application forms are now available online at http://www.faseb.org/marc/travel.  SACNAS and ABRCMS travel award application forms are also available online.

Effective immediately (June 29, 2014), all new travel award application packets received in the FASEB MARC Office must be submitted using the new/updated travel award application forms.  Please note the new requirements for the application process:

1) Faculty/Mentors and Student/Mentee application packets must include a detailed "Structured Scientific Meeting Mentoring Plan" for each student/mentee and mentor. 

2) Poster/Platform Presenter application packets must include an Extended Abstract. (Sample is available online on the FASEB MARC website.)

Reminder:  Apply early! Application Receipt Deadline Dates are FIRM. Late and/or incomplete application packets will be declined upon receipt.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.






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