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2015 Rate Card

(Rates effective as of 11/01/14 - subject to change at any time)


Meeting Website Online Rates

Estimated average monthly impressions: 74,464











Meeting Email Rates--NEW for EB2015

Estimated average monthly emails sent: 40,000+


 1 mo. Sponsorship




Meeting Program Print Rates

Estimated circulation: 10,000

Full Page $3,212
1/2 Page $2,123
1/4 Page $1,226

Add $1,095 for color



Meeting Program Premium Positions

(prices include color)
Cover 2: $6,935
Cover 3: $5,522
Cover 4: $9,366
Tab Single Sided: $4,949
Tab Double Sided: $9,898


Meeting Program Preferred Positions

Page 1:
add 25%    Opp. EB Board: add 15%
Opp. TOC: add 25%   Opp. Office Locations: add 15%
Opp. Title Page: add 15%   Opp. General Info: add 15%
Opp. Society Officers: add 15%   All Others add 10%


Add $1,095 for color



First Right of Refusal

Previous year advertisers have first right of refusal (FRR) on premium positions. Deadline for FRR is November 1st.

Issuance/Closing Dates

Publication date for the meeting program is March.  Space closes December 19, 2014.  Materials are due by December 26, 2014.  

Ads for the EB website and email are due 7 days prior to insertion. 



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