The Journal of Nutrition

Published in print since 1928 and online since 1997, The Journal of Nutrition (JN) is the first journal created solely for the publication of nutrition research. JN is one of the most widely read journals in its field. With an impact factor of 4.2, it ranks fourth among the peer-reviewed research journals in JCR's nutrition and dietetics category. Contents include peer-reviewed research covering all aspects of experimental nutrition including nutrient requirements, clinical nutrition, community and international nutrition, and nutritional biochemistry. The online journal features searchable full-text articles, contents alerting services, RSS feeds, and enhanced international access. 

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The journal's international readership consists primarily of research scientists, physicians, dietitians, and industry representatives who are professionally active in the field of nutrition.


  • Impact Factor: 3.7
  • Pageviews (avg. per month): 1,028,559
  • Email Subscribers: 14,040
  • Editor-in-Chief: Teresa A. Davis

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