Advances in Nutrition

As the pace of research in the nutritional sciences continues to accelerate, Advances in Nutrition (AN) responds to the growing demand for a prestigious, high-profile publication that gathers, synthesizes, and explains the current state of knowledge in all facets of the field. In addition to explaining the significance of new research findings, these reviews also highlight research gaps and future directions. Keeping pace with each bimonthly issue will keep readers better informed on the state of the science and assist them in applying the latest findings and best practices to advance their own research and clinical practice. In addition to review articles, AN  disseminates ASN fact sheets, vignettes, position papers, and other content of value to nutritionists and allied health professionals. The journal also publishes supplements with important symposium and conference proceedings. AN is available online and an optional print version is also available. 

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All ASN members receive the journal. International readership consists of research scientists, practicing physicians, dietitians, and industry representatives who are professionally active in the field of nutrition.


  • Impact Factor (2014): 5.2
  • Pageviews (avg. per month):  160,680
  • Email Subscribers: 5,618
  • Editor-in-Chief: Teresa A. Davis

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