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Each day, scientific investigators produce thousands of images and videos as a part of their research; however, only a few are ever seen outside of the laboratory. FASEB believes that these images and videos are an important, yet underutilized resource in the scientific community’s effort to engage and educate the general public, as well as policy makers, about biomedical and biological research.

FASEB is currently seeking the submission of captivating, high-resolution images and videos representing cutting edge, 21st Century biomedical and life science research. These laboratory-based images must be original photographs, illustrations, or videos submitted by current or former US federally-funded investigators, contractors, or trainees and/or members of FASEB constituent societies. Each submission must also include a nontechnical, 100-word caption that describes the image or video and articulates the broader relevance of the science represented. When viewed in conjunction with the caption, submissions should be both visually arresting and clearly communicate a cutting edge bioscience concept.

FASEB will select ten image and two video winners. Feel free to share our BioArt poster with your colleagues and friends.


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