Campus Tenant Services

Since the early 1960’s, FASEB has provided office space and tenant services for a number of member societies and other scientific non-profit organizations. There is a sense of community on the campus and our tenants are part of what makes this possible. At FASEB, we truly see ourselves as an extension of each organization and aim to always provide consistent and reliable service. 

Our tenants look to FASEB to provide the core infrastructure of their business. Whether that means the provision of office space or services such as printing, mailing, and IT, we do whatever it takes to keep daily activities running smoothly and obstacle-free.  
Services include:
  • On-site facility management
  • In-house engineers and maintenance staff
  • Campus wide telephone system and support
  • Campus is equipped with managed 50 Mbps Internet service
  • 600 square foot fitness center with adjacent locker/shower facilities
  • Available conference rooms, including 122-seat auditorium
  • Conference food, beverage and audiovisual support
  • Staffed reception desk
  • Internal office mail delivery and out-going mail processing
  • Discounted priority shipping service
  • Technology desktop support
  • On-site reproduction and production mailing facility
  • Janitorial services
  • On-site Yoga classes
  • Staff lunch and morning beverage/snack service
  • Freight shipping and receiving support
    Many services are included as part of a tenant’s presence on campus,
    while others are provided as fee-for-service. 
    For more information, please contact FASEB’s Campus Services Department at 301.634.7046.
    To learn more about FASEB’s full range of society management services, please email management@faseb.org or call 301.634.7451.




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