Public Service Award


The FASEB Board established the Public Service Award, to be given periodically, in order to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cause of biomedical or biological research through their work in government, public affairs, the media, the law, the arts, or related fields. 

Examples of Actions Which May Merit Awards
  • Major initiatives or actions by the Federal Administration which would advance the cause of biomedical/biological research
  • Especially significant congressional leadership in the field
  • Especially timely and significant actions by federal officials to bring federal research efforts to bear on acute or emergency problems of disease
  • Especially penetrating lay articles, essays or reports which explain or illuminate biomedical/biological research or aspects of research
  • Major new articles which reveal significant problems or developments in the biomedical/biological research field
  • Actions in the field of law which make a major contribution to biomedical or biological research
  • Actions of public-spirited citizens whose special efforts and/or unusual financial contributions advance the cause of biomedical/biological research
  • Artistic achievement which heightens public understanding of a medical research issue


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